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Moving House... the adventure

So this last month I moved house... it was on a bit of a whimsy really. My flat was feeling cold and damp and really rather cramped. And as they say "If it rhymes it must be true" 

This here (to the left) is my new house. It's a bit on the bland side from the outside, but what can you expect in Lancashire? (I kid, it's lovely around here...) I promise the inside is brilliant!

I have moved various times over the years, each time accumulating more and more stuff as I go along. This last move has been exhausting! I have been in the new place 4 weeks, and so far have only accomplished to drive myself slightly madder, unpack half the boxes and realise I have FAR too much stuff!

There have been, however, a few funny moments along the way, which I would like to share...

The 'What's wrong with this envelope?' envelope...

My brother and I found this little gem behind my desk. I don't know where it came from or how it got behind said desk, but I love the irony …