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Welcome to 2012!

Like most people around the World, for me the New Year brings hope of personal change. There's the typical lose weight, be more active etc. etc. (that Wii fit will not be happy with me when I finally switch it back on after a November AND December on the outs) I could go on with the list of wishes for self improvement we all consider in our first minutes of a New Year... but you get my point. The one thing these wishes and hopes have in common is that they aren't things we particularly look forward to, unless a rumbly tumbly floats your boat (sadly it just makes mine sink).

In 2009, however, I decided that the usual Resolutions to diet and miraculously develop a flat stomach, (without breaking a sweat) were not going to happen. Nope, not even with that weird electrical ab machine that got used three times and then re-boxed and added to my pile of junk in the office. That year I decided to set myself goals I would enjoy, and therefore be more likely to keep up throughout the y…