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OH! the horror!

It's been weeks since my last Wednesday film review... but I've not forgotten about them! The delay in writing this post is partly due to life getting in the way of blogging (as it has a nasty habit of doing), and partly because horror films are not my thing...
So Day 4 - Your favourite horror movie... this required some inspiration. 

There is only one horror movie that I genuinely like and enjoy watching. It's a movie adaptation of a Stephen King novel made in 2003 called Dreamcatcher 

I've seen many horror movies (mostly against my will) and I just don't like them, because they're usually fear driven, and I like my stories to be character driven.This film is an exception, as there are real characters with actual back stories (usually unheard of in horror). It's a film very much reminiscent of Stand by me, because it's a film about four guys and their lifelong friendship... (and this being a horror movie only the scriptwriter knows how long those lives w…