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Name that tune in one

Music for writing from rock'n'roll to mellow also known as - what's your (writing) poison?
I'm the type of writer that uses music to get into the "zone". It gets my creative juices flowing, and I find it's better than waiting around for some "muse" to bring inspiration (though she's appreciated when she turns up out of the blue). Inspiration can often be a fleeting, elusive companion. So in moments when the well does run dry, I take a spin through my musical memory lane (also known as my music library). Some writers like silence to concentrate, I enjoy the good chaos of Fall Out Boy blaring out of my speakers...

Fall Out Boy are one of my favourite bands (yes I understand how that may be frowned upon, but to quote FOB "I Don't Care"...) They're my default "go listen to" when I'm feeling down in the dumps to help pick me up. They might not be everyone's cup of tea (that makes me sound very British, I don&#…

Make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh!

Week 6 - Your favourite comedy movie or what I would call "asking a parent to pick their favourite child" also known as being stuck between a rock and a hard place
I live for comedy, there’s nothing like laughing. Comedy can cause you to burst out laughing at the most unexpected and inappropriate of times. That's probably why I like it the most, out of all film genres. Sometimes things can be so funny that they drag you out of the darkest of times. So in a time where I'm going through emotional turbulence, what could be better than talking about what makes me laugh?

Dark and tortured, awkward, quirky, 80's, with a romantic twist or full frontal no holds barred "this may offend some people". Comedy is hands down the best genre. To name some of my favourites.... Brat Pack films, with Will Ferrel, Owen and Luke Wilson, Ben Stiller ... Kevin Smith films, Mallrats, Dogma, Clerks, Clerks II ... He's a brilliant writer and director. Funny is in his blood. Hot…