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False Advertising: A Movie Review

Last Wednesday I went to watch Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. And I didn't want to... because I had seen this...

So I watched that trailer and thought "looks like an average action movie".

They didn't sell it to me, at all. And I LIKE action movies. I grew up on action movies. I could blame it on having an older brother, but truth be told I'm just a tomboy. Big guns, explosions, car chases, mission impossible style feats? Where do I sign up?

But this trailer, it just made the movie look like something that would get lost in the movie releases this year and would silently make its way out of cinemas and onto dvds and blu rays... which is a shame...

Because, WELL... turns out I was glad that I didn't pick the movie. I was glad that I'd gone along and watched Jack Ryan. Because THAT the movie that they're selling in that trailer? That isn't the movie you'll get to see. The movie you'll actually watch is better in many, many ways.

First of all, no…