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Love, does death mean the end?

About a week ago Chris and I were discussing our #FleshRave story (soon to be somewhere near you, teen chugging chipper and all) when he mentions it's 10 weeks til Halloween and that he has a challenge in mind. The wonderfully eloquent @West1Jess explains the whole thing way better than I ever could here (I'm just proud I know how to do those linky things, they're like magic!) 
And so, without further procrastination, begins my 1st post for 
10 Weeks of Horror (Writing Challenge) Love, does death mean the end? I thought about him all the way through class. Again. I know it’s wrong, to be obsessed with a guy. I get it, but I still can’t help myself. We are finally, after years of “will they, won’t they”, together.
Jessica and Ronnie pass notes over my desk in class, they don't even bother letting me read them any more. I guess I do spend a lot of time with Alex, but this last year has been tough on him. Over lunch they talk about the skiing trip, again. And they ignore…

My Writing Process Blog Tour - Karina Lawrence

Thanks for the nomination Chris (check out his way better blog post here about his awesomely long list of WIP that rivals my own, and his writing process: he gets things finished! Sigh. He's the better half of our writing partnership, I'm the dawdling toddler that gets easily distracted by - ooh shiny!)

Here goes nothing!

So, I have been nominated for a writing process blog tour, which is ironic, if you know how good I am at being a professional procrastinator.Depending on which way the wind blows I can call myself anything from a lazy writer, to an ambitious writer, or merely a daydreamer...
What am I working on? Currently? A more apt question would be what am I not working on. I have ongoing projects that I started 10 years ago, they're what I call slow burners... I burn time online whilst waiting for them to get finished. I write a weird mix of genres, depending on mood.

In dark moods I work on my horror movie script, working title Top of the World - I'm aiming for …