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The Haunted Ship - A Captain Embers Tale

Born of fire and blood, gunpowder and swords With cruelty in his heart and bloodlust in his veins Wherever he goes everyone remembers The name of one Captain Thomas Embers

They waded through thick mud, weather-worn boots squelching with each step. The occasional grunted curse broke the cold silence of the night. Captain Embers led the way, fifteen members of his crew following closely behind.  A full moon graced the sky, allowing them to see shapes and shadows more clearly in the marshes. Fifty paces away their ship was beached on a bed of reeds. They each carried a sword and a pistol, except for Dead Hands Johnny, who didn’t have a trigger finger. They walked with a gait most common amongst those who possessed sea legs. And despite being warned to remain silent, and their best attempts to comply, their heavy breathing could have woken a dead log. This was not the type of physical exertion they were used to, strong arms and light feet cannot easily wade through anything but water. From afa…

My little zombie

There was a chill in the air. I stood at the bus stop, waiting, amongst a crowd of kids. I felt different, though my parents assured me I was no different. ‘Is it ok to dislike kids if you still are one?’ I often asked my mum. She'd laugh, and send me on my way. Everyone's breath was misting in the air before them. Like smoke billowing from a dragon's mouth. Everyone's breath, that is, except for mine. It made me feel self conscious, even though no one really noticed. They were all too busy playing games and catching up on the latest school gossip. I wished I had breath that billowed. I shuffle onto the bus and lurch my way onto a seat. Next to me sits one of the girls whose breath billowed. I envy her. She smiles at me, a small, shy thing. I do my best impression of a smile and hope that my jaw doesn't loosen. Some would say that's an irrational fear, but they probably never met my uncle Seamus. If they had, they might worry too. 'Hi,' it's a tentat…