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Hope - A New Year's resolution

Every year I do my usual anti New Year's resolution. I list the things that I will do during the year, rather than the things I will give up. This year is no different. I do not intend to give up eating cake (what lunatic would, cake is fantastic, it still will be next year!) or chocolate (c'mon, if I've got a heartbeat I'll be eating chocolate). But I do intend to fill my year with dance and laughter, with comic books and video games, with writing projects and friends, with love and passion and most of all with hope. Hope for the future and everything it can bring. Hope that the good outweighs the bad, that the sheep aren't wolves, that the ambitions and dreams aren't too big and that my one day will be some day soon. Hope that each step I take this year brings me closer to the goal (we all have a goal, don't lie couch potatoes, you all know you want that couch toilet invented and mass produced) and that my happiness does not fade, no matter what bumps I m…