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New Beginnings

"smile and wave, watch me fade this is what you wanted while you sit there and wait I'll be the quiet mess curled up in my own embrace you explained it succinctly described your needs sweetly packaged with a ribbon everything forgiven no such thing as a break this is your last mistake now, jealousy bubbling at the time not troubling drop me cold, out at night not knowing how to fight a distant memory a lonely heart to be watch me as I walk away like sunlight slips away hello sunset, smile and wave"

It feels like every few years I have to pick myself back up and dust myself off. Thankfully, this year this has not been the case. It turns out you can learn from the past, for which I will be eternally grateful. I'd like to say that the world is full of wonderful people, because it is, but there are also a fair share of people out there willing to deceive you. And I'll be kind, and give some of them the benefit of doubt, and say that maybe their intentions were no…