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She trembled, and quaked I held her back until it ached We both knew our fate The nights before they felt so fake It won't take too long Blow the candles out watch me shake The lights turn back on The darkness here is too opaque I can't help but think I've kissed like this before with hate Come closer once more It's time to close that heavy door The Earth didn't break Take my hand in yours and let’s escape
Lately I've been feeling like I've finally managed to break free from the image and expectations other people have of me. Not that these mattered to me too much on a personal level, I have my people and I am happy in life. But there's something to be said about being seen and understood by someone. The gears in my head are working better, clearer and inspiration seems to spring up around every corner. Passion is probably my biggest drive in life. If I feel it, I'll act on it. If I want something passionately, I'll fight for it... And giving u…