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I have a favourite mug. It’s almost too heavy for my wrists to comfortably manage. Round top and squared off at the base. It’s a well made souvenir, more up-scale than the usual cheap tack you find in vacation destinations. But still, it's a reminder of a happy time. Of sun and blue skies. Of heat. The scent of a comforting blanket of familiarity in the air. With a print of one of my favourite artists stamped onto it like a well fitted dress. It is my mug. And although I've only had it for a little while, it feels like home when I hold it. When its warm embrace fills my hands and its coffee infused liquid fills the air around me. I might not have it forever. I might not have had it for long. But in this mug, I have found home.
Just a piece of peace, which is often enough for someone to be happy. When wanting more can be such a source of disappointment and unhappiness, I fill up that mug and that mug fills me up. Happiness does not have to be complicated. It can be simple. I…